NBI Clearance Renewal

If you’re renewing your NBI clearance in the Philippines, here are the requirements you need to prepare:

  • Original and previous NBI clearance: You must bring the original copy of your previous NBI clearance, which should still be valid or not more than one year old.
  • Valid government-issued ID: You need to present at least two valid IDs for verification. Acceptable IDs include passports, driver’s licenses, postal IDs, and voter’s IDs.
  • Payment of fees: The renewal fee for an NBI clearance is Php 130 for local employment and Php 115 for travel abroad. You can pay the fee at the NBI clearance center or authorized payment centers.
  • Accomplished application form: You need to fill out the NBI clearance renewal application form completely and accurately. You can get the form from the NBI clearance center or download it from the NBI website.
  • Online appointment: To avoid long queues and waiting times, you can book an appointment online for your NBI clearance renewal. The NBI website has a feature where you can schedule your preferred date and time for the renewal process.
  • Other documents: Depending on the purpose of your NBI clearance renewal, you may be required to present additional documents. For example, if you’re applying for clearance for travel abroad, you may need to show your plane ticket or visa.

It’s important to note that the requirements for NBI clearance renewal may vary depending on the purpose and type of clearance you need. Always check the official NBI website or contact their customer service for the latest and most accurate information.